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Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 in Storage | 0 comments

Pernixdata – The solution to the storage IO bottleneck?

Pernixdata – The solution to the storage IO bottleneck?

With the recent news that the one and only Frank Denneman – VMware’s Senior Architect Technical Marketing – is leaving the company for the relatively unknown start-up “PernixData” it’s bound to raise some eyebrows and get people talking. It certainly caused me to take a closer look at the company and their product. I’ll try to summarize here what it is aiming to accomplish (to the best of my knowledge), and why it is so exciting for us virtualization geeks. Arguably one of the most challenging pieces to get correct in any virtualization design architecture is shared storage. You primarily need to plan for two things: capacity and performance. Capacity is relatively easy, you just need enough space to put stuff. Performance is not so simple. There are many things that come into play. You have to be keenly aware of several factors, including the anticipated read/write workload profile, the limitations of your chosen storage protocol (ISCSI, FCoIP, FC, NFS), the hypervisor-level features you will be employing, the overall...

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