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Posted by on Mar 22, 2014 in vSphere | 0 comments

Upgrading to ESXi 5.5 when using the 1000v

I’m currently writing an internal process for updating ESXi hosts to 5.5 (using VMware Update Manager) when the Cisco Nexus 1000v is deployed.

I will do my very best to keep from waxing philosophical about my utter distaste for the 1000v in this post.

If your environment is making use of this 3rd party switch, then there are some steps you need to take when creating the 5.5 VUM baseline image to make sure you include the appropriate VIBs.

If you create a standard 5.5 VUM baseline, and then scan a host against it for compatibility, you will notice the following exception if the 1000v is deployed:

ExceptionThis is pretty straightforward. It is telling you that your nice new 5.5 baseline is missing the 1000v VIBs and if you push this deployment you will nuke the 1000v off of the host.

So we need to create a custom ISO and associated baseline that includes the 1000v VIB.

We will jump into PowerCLI and add the appropriate software depots.

The first step is to add the ESXi online depot:


The next depot we need is the 1000v:

You should download the latest VIB for the 1000v that supports 5.5. At the time of this post that was: You can get these off of the site.


Now lets find the latest ESXi profile and clone it to something we can modify:

Get-EsxImageProfile | Sort-Object “ModifiedTime” -Descending | format-table -property Name,CreationTime

This command will sort all of the available image profiles in descending order. Just scroll down to the 5.5 images, and grab the latest one by date.

In my case, that is: ESXi-5.5.0-20131204001-standard.

Now lets clone it:

New-EsxImageProfile -CloneProfile ESXi-5.5.0-20131204001-standard “ESXi_5.5.0_1000v_Custom” -vendor custom

The next step is to grab all of the VIB names and add the ones we need:


Find the cisco-vem line to get the current version, then and add the Cisco VIB to the cloned image profile:

Add-EsxSoftwarePackage -ImageProfile ESXi_5.5.0_1000v_Custom cisco-vem-v164-esx

Finally, we need to export our new image to an ISO file. This may take awhile (depending on your network connection) because we will be downloading this image from the internet. Its about 300MB.

Export-EsxImageProfile -ImageProfile ESXi_5.5.0_1000v_Custom -ExportToIso ESXi_5.5.0_1000v_Custom.iso

You now have a custom ESXi 5.5 ISO that includes the latest Cisco 1000v VIB. Our next step is to just upload this into VUM and create an upgrade baseline.

Now when we scan a host everything comes back good, and we are ready to remediate and apply the upgrade.

Hope this helps!



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