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Posted by on Aug 18, 2013 in Certification | 0 comments

VCAP5-CID Exam Experience

VCAP5-CID Exam Experience

I sat the VCAP5-CID (Cloud Infrastructure Design) exam yesterday, and thankfully managed to pass. I wanted to throw together a quick post explaining my exam experience and the preparation work involved. I hope that this is of assistance to someone out there who may be considering sitting this exam. First off, this was a challenging exam. In terms of difficulty when compared with the other VCAPs I have taken, I would rank this one at the top. This exam is about 3.5 hours and I was under the 3-minute mark when I submitted the last answer. What made this exam the most challenging for me was the networking portions. I consider myself to be very adept at vCloud networking, however I also happen to be a very visual person, and I usually need to draw out or whiteboard most any complex networking design. On this exam, that costs you time, and time is one thing you can’t really afford to waste here. There were 115 questions on my exam,...

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